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Welcome to our new site and our world. If you are thinking of joining scouts or signing your child up we can only ask.. why have you not done it sooner?


As well as learning practical skills that your child can take through into life outside of Scouts; s/he will meet new friends in a safe and supervised enviroment week in week out.


We will stimulate, teach and help your child become a confident inquisitive and enthusiastic.


Reminder - NO church parade this Sunday 13th April. However on Sunday 27th we will be meeting at 2PM at the DW sports/bathroom store car-park in Bury. We need as many people there as possible as we will be leading the whole district in the subsequent parade. Parents can walk the parade from the pavement. The service will start at 2:30PM in Bury Parish Church




Hello from everyone at 52nd Bury (1st Unsworth).